Release Notes

Please see the Roadmap for upcoming features.

Matuu Build

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed no access token issue

Matuu Build

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Mention hangs when trying to quit

Matuu Build 0.10.6

New Features

  • UI Improvements. We are settling down on a look that will hold for the next couple of releases at least as we refine it.
  • Stars View .. star conversations and keep track of them in the Stars view. Great for bookmarking
  • Back navigation. Each view (User/Mention/Global/Stars/Profile) maintains a history stack. As you click to drill down on user profiles, and hashtags Mention keeps the history of where you were. When you are not at the root of a view, you will see test in the top left of the title bar, with the name of the previous view. Clicking that text will take you back one level, like the back button on your browser. CMD-B is also a shortcut for hitting that text. Sadly the conversation will not get its own navigation stack until 0.10.7
  • Reply indicator. Users have noted that after hitting reply, then erasing the text, that the text entry is still in reply mode. A new indicator will now show up in the text area to let you know you are in reply mode, and to hit ESC to clear that and return to normal editing.
  • More than 256 characters allowed in text area. You can now type or paste more than 256 chars while you edit, but Mention wont send until you are within the 256 char limit
  • Message counts. Mention now tells how how many unread messages you have in your user and mention stream. Clicking in the message, or hitting any message icon will clear the new status of that message. Scrolling the view will mark all visible messages as read. There is no way to mark all read until 0.10.7. Sorry bout that.
  • New message indicator. New messages are colored with a gradient color. When they are marked as read they fade back to the normal message background
  • New keyboard shortcuts. Look at the View menu to see shortcuts to switch between the main views.
  • Preferences moved to new window and out of the drawer
  • New post preferences. Specify whether you want to see your own posts in the user stream, and whether you want to receive directed posts from people you follow
  • New search. Search is now in the upper right of the title bar. Use @user and #hashtag. Searching without a symbol will resort to full text search in 0.10.7 so get used to using the symbols

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crasher that sometimes occurred when changing views
  • Fixed some text layout issues int he profile lists

Known Issues

  • If you accumulate over 1000 messages and scroll down for more there is a chance you will crash. This will be fixed in 0.10.7

Matuu Build 0.10.5

New Features

  • UI redesigned
  • Listings of followers, and who the user is following now active on the profile page
  • Search for users and hashtags
  • Infinite scroll to retrieve old posts and to load more profiles in the followers/following profile page lists
  • Right click to delete post
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • CMD-1 Show User stream
    • CMD-2 Show Mentions
    • CMD-3 Show Global
    • CMD-5 Show Profile
    • CMD-6 Search
    • CMD-U Search for User
    • CMD-N New post

Bug fixes

  • Occasionally clicking on a username would lead to a blank profile page. fixed
  • Various crashers fixed

Matuu Build 0.10.4

  • Accidentally included a non-system font, Garamond and its absence on some systems was causing Mention to fail to start. This removes that font.

Matuu Build 0.10.3

Sorry this build took so long. I got hung up on some typography stuff that took forever to work out. New features like hashtag search, and complete user profiles are on tap for 0.10.4

  • Changed default notifications to only notify on replies in the user feed to prevent people from being overwhelmed. If you want to be notified for all messages, go into Mention | Preferences and uncheck Notify for replies only
  • Typography improvements

Matuu Build 0.10.2 25AUG 2012

This build died on the vine and was not released

  • Fixed crash that occurred after waking from sleep
  • Profile icon on sidebar now shows user profile
  • Typography is improved but there is still a small bug where the last line of text is sometimes partially rendered
  • Preferences panel! Mention | Preferences will show a preference panel in the drawer
  • Font choices via preferences
  • Preference to show post id numbers. Layout on this is not solid but works as long as your window is not too small
  • Notification preferences. Its not fully baked yet but getting there
  • Pick your repost symbol in preferences

Matuu Build 0.10.1 25AUG 2012

  • Got rid of the modal dialog boxes show request timeouts
  • Change the default font to PT Sans

Matuu Build 0.10.0 24AUG 2012

So many changes its hard to keep track ... so in no particular order:

  • notifications! will receive notification on Mountain Lion. Lion users sorry, I have not done growl yet
  • scroll behavior. scroll will lock when you scroll down. scrolling back to the top will result in all new posts being added. this is going to hurt some people and a better method is being designed. we just felt the jumping was so bad we had to get scroll lock done somehow. it will improve
  • links are now clickable
  • new sidebar icons
  • improve profile page. NOTE: The Follows and Followed By Buttons are not active in this release. They will be activated in the next release.
  • better text colors
  • typography improved
  • auto resize of rows when resizing window
  • many minor bugs fixes too detailed to list here
  • clicking on a hashtag will show tagged posts in the conversation drawer
Since this is the first Matuu release and so many things have changed it is quite possible that serious bugs exist that we have not seen. If you need to downgrade to 0.8.12 it can be gotten from Many thanks to @cameron @dmberry @danielgenser for design critique during the development and for the prerelease testers @8 @mkelly @akrabat @lexfri @tingham ... if I left you out I'm so sorry ... I didnt keep a written list!

Nakuru Build 0.8.12 21AUG 2012

  • minor ui improvements. text color now gray, better background contrast
  • repost!

    Nakuru Build 0.8.10 21AUG 2012

    • fixed a boneheaded bug where the auto refresh got disabled after sending a post. sorry folks

    Nakuru Build 0.8.9 21AUG 2012

    • conversation view improvement (hopefully you think so too!) clicking the conversation bubble will open a right side drawer allowing you to watch your feeds while keeping an eye on an interesting conversation.
    • crashers in 0.8.4 appear to be fixed.
    • minor ui improvement where the text field longer slides when changing views

    Nakuru Build 0.8.3 19AUG 2012

    • conversation view! click the comment bubble to view conversation
    • message duplication when switching view fixed
    • minimum width reduced for macbook air users
    • new look. no more depressing gray
    • reduced size of username font (@dmberry)
    Things I regret ...
    • keyboard shortcuts didn't make it. scheduled now for Matuu
    • holding the scroll in position when not at the top didn't make it. scheduled for the Matuu release

    Version 0.7.3 19AUG 2012

    • hopefully fixed the crasher. i have not reproduced this but i disabled the live age update that was triggering it age will now update only if you scroll or new messages come in. i might just leave it that way anyway unless people really dig the live updating numbers
    • meditation number 5 should be resolved now. if you see it please let me know

    Version 0.7.2 19AUG 2012

    • hopefully fixed a crasher
    • release notes can now be viewed under the Mention | Release Notes menu item

    Version 0.7.1 19AUG 2012

    • relative age of post is displayed
    • long usernames no longer truncated
    • posting user's username name no longer tagged in replies
    • command-return and enter will send a post
    • clicking your avatar will go to the user feed and scroll to the top

    Version 0.5.8 17AUG 2012

    • Fixed nib file corruption resulting in window resize issues
    • Fixed sidebar button state problem

    Version 0.5.7 17AUG 2012

    Testing Sparkle Updates. All exiting issues remain

    Version 0.5.6 17AUG 2012

    Same issues as 0.5.5

    Version 0.5.5 17AUG 2012

    • implemented Sparkle
    • table rows do not dynamically resize to fit text
    • occasional duplicate message in feeds
    • i've heard of blank view for the user profile page and mentions page but have not been able to reproduce
    • user profile page doesn't show user stats, just posts
    • still no indicators for new mentions or posts in the user feed.
    • mentions view and user feed updating seems slow compared to global feed
    • text entry area is fugly and needs an option to send on return

    Version 0.5.3 17AUG 2012

    • links are now clickable
    • message text selectable
    Known Issues
    • table rows do not dynamically resize to fit text
    • occasional duplicate message in feeds
    • i've heard of blank view for the user profile page and mentions page but have not been able to reproduce
    • user profile page doesn't show user stats, just posts
    • still no indicators for new mentions or posts in the user feed.
    Up Next
    • Sparkle updates
    • Notification Center for Mountain Lion
    • Repost
    • Perhaps client side lists. Will be a bummer not to have them synchronized but might be fun

    Version 0.5.1 17AUG 2012 Fixed button highlights

    Version 0.4.1 17AUG 2012 Please forgive the placeholder art. I'm on it. This version contains the following new features:

    • views for the global feed, user's feed, and mentions
    • user profile view with follow/unfollow mute/unmute followers/following
    • a JSON dump on the user profile page. Check Applications/Console to see the output until I implement a debug view
    Known Issues
    • link text is still not clickable ... its the next task on my list
    • no indicator lights showing a new mention or new post in the user's feed if viewing a different feed
    • possible message gaps when I pause feeds. the global feed is never paused, but when not looking at the mention or user's feed they are paused to avoid hammering