• The best App.net client

    We've built Mention from the ground up to be the best App.net client for OS X. And we think that you are going to love it.

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  • Simple. Fun. Intuitive.

    We want Mention to be easy to pick up and dive into. We've designed the entire app to perform just as you would expect.

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  • Created by power users

    We built Mention because we love App.net, and we wanted to make a great app that we would enjoy using as power users.

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We've designed Mention to have the key features we needed in an App.net client.


We've put a lot of sweat and tears into the look, feel, and design of Mention.

For OS X

Mention is designed to be native to the world's best operating system, OS X


Why choose Mention?

What started as a quick pet-project has quickly developed into the fastest, simplest, and most engaging App.net experience available for OS X. We wanted to read posts as they occurred, so we built our "Live View" feed engine. We wanted full control from the desktop, so we added the ability to mute or follow users. We wanted powerful search, so we included it. We love Mention, and we think you will too.

  • Built for OS X
  • Incredibly fast live feed updates
  • Scroll back to endlessly view old posts